Maternity & Nursing Sports Bra

Breastfeed on the Go with a Maternity Sports Bra

At Hotmilk, we've designed our sports nursing bra collection with mamas in mind, offering wire-free nursing bras perfect for yoga and coffee, as well as high-impact flexiwire nursing bras for HIIT workouts and everything in between. All the essentials in maternity activewear and sports bras for pregnancy and beyond to get you moving.



Don’t let pregnancy and breastfeeding slow you down. Stay confident and healthy with Hotmilk’s range of sports nursing bras designed to let you feed on the go. Whether its high impact exercise or a leisurely stroll with friends, we're here to support you.

Maternity Sport Bra at Hotmilk

Hotmilk’s range of activewear includes sports nursing bras and sports leggings

Just because you’re a new or expecting mother, doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and stay fit. Far from it in fact, gain your strength and confidence with Hotmilk's activewear range.

Our line of maternity sportswear and sports nursing bras offer the best of both worlds for active mothers. Fashion forward sports nursing bras offer style and support providing maximum all-day comfort to ensure there’s little to no bouncing during pre- or post-partum workouts.

Explore a Range of Sports Bras for Pregnancy

With a variety of designs in various shapes and sizes available, there’s an option to suit your style and workout needs. The Zen sports nursing bra is perfect for yoga, pilates, and weight training, specially designed for low-impact activities. Feeling a little more enthusiastic? Then consider the ‘Reactivate’ sports nursing bra, which is the ideal selection in supportive wear for high-impact activity.

Why Hotmilk’s maternity sportswear?

New mothers wanting to stay active and feel supported face an uphill struggle with just any nursing or maternity bra. They’re just not cut out for the task. So when you want to work out, you need a bra that supports you and your active lifestyle.

Is it OK to wear a sports bra while pregnant?

With Hotmilk Maternity sports bra, you can! Our specially designed maternity sports bras offer comfort and support, perfect for low-impact activities. But remember, it's essential to ensure proper support and comfort for your growing belly.

Are nursing sports bras good for pregnancy

Hotmilk nursing sports bras are excellent for pregnancy! Designed with comfort and support in mind, our maternity sports bras provide the perfect combination of functionality and style. Their specialised construction accommodates your changing body, offering the support you need during pregnancy and beyond. With our Nursing sports bras, you can trust that your comfort and well-being are always a top priority.

How do nursing sport bras work?

Hotmilk nursing sports bras are ingeniously designed to provide both support and convenience. Our Nursing sports bras all feature adjustable straps and easy-access clips, they allow for quick and discreet nursing during your workouts or daily activities. The breathable fabric and supportive design ensure comfort and stability, making these maternity sports bras the perfect choice for active moms seeking both functionality and style.

Shop Nursing Sports Bras at Hotmilk

Hotmilk’s range of sports bras are specially designed for your changing body and workout requirements. A-frame cup support with convertible racerback options provides you with the ultimate in support and stability for all day comfort, combine with the "Focus" sports leggings featuring a full height comfort waist panel covering the fullest bump or folded down to provide the ulimate postpartum tummy support. Hotmilk's activewear range ensures you'll find the perfect style so you can keep healthy and keep the little one fed.