Welcome to the world of motherhood, where every moment is an adventure and every milestone is a cause for celebration. Here at the Hotmilk Blog, we're your passport to the most exciting and empowering journey of your life, insights into motherhood, breastfeeding, and the world of maternity lingerie and nursing bras.

Tips for Your Maternity Photoshoot | HOTMILK

A maternity photoshoot is a cherished keepsake you'll treasure forever. It doesn't have to be a large art piece on your wall; having a special...

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Difference Between Pumping Bras and Nursing Bras | HOTMILK

What is Pumping or Expressing? Pumping or expressing breast milk is usually done with an electric or manual breast pump. Expressed milk can be stored in...

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Can You Wear Leggings While Pregnant? | Hotmilk

Is it ok to Wear Leggings while Pregnant? Pregnancy brings about significant changes and excitement, but it also presents some fashion challenges. A common question...

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Guide to Buying New Bras During Pregnancy | HOTMILK

A guide to buying New Maternity Bras during Pregnancy Pregnancy is an emotional time full of physical and mental changes, finding comfortable and supportive maternity...

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Top 5 New Mum Essentials | Hotmilk

What do first time mums need the most?  We've curated our Top 5 gifts of love for the expecting or first-time mama in your life....

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Are Wired Bras Bad for Pregnancy? Debunking Underwire Myths | Hotmilk

Let's clear up some of the old myths about underwire bras and wearing them during pregnancy. The big question: to wire or not to wire?...

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas for First Time Mamas | Hotmilk

Figuring out motherhood can be tough, and buying the perfect gift even tougher. To often new mamas place themselves last, with maternity lingerie and loungewear seen as...

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Top Tips for Caesarean Delivery and Recovery | Hotmilk

HOW TO PLAN AND RECOVERY FROM A C-SECTION Whether your baby is born vaginally or via caesarean, both require strength and courage. To help you...

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Tips for Balancing Motherhood, Business and Life! | Hotmilk

Hotmilk Lingerie is led by women for women, we constantly seek inspiration and motivation from the success of other accomplished mother entrepreneurs. As the leading global Maternity and...

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