Why Hotmilk? A closer look at the design behind our bras.

There is no need to give up fashion and style when you are nursing, you can have pretty, sexy nursing bras. With Hotmilk Lingerie, fit, support and practicality are not lost due to significant engineering and technology in each bra.

Our full cup bras can have up to 58 sizes, within a single style a nursing bra can contain 55 fabric and trim pieces, all working in harmony to provide the ultimate support. These bras are structured so that the underbust band gives the majority of support holding the bra against the body (this is why it is essential to have your underbust band fitting firmly but not uncomfortable) and the 3 or 4 piece cups are created to give structure to the cup and achieve a rounded shape with the side cup moving the bust inward to centralise the bust. Hidden layers of Internal linings provide lift and support producing the optimal bust shape.

Flexi-wire Technology

We developed flexi-wire technology and offer this in some of our bras for women who prefer a wire while nursing. The wire flexes as the bust fluctuates in size before and after feeding and being flexible reduces the pressure and irritation that a rigid wire would create. Our flexi-wire support holds the shape of the cup and supports the bust rather than flattening and compressing it. The Flexi-wire support is better at holding the bra against the frame of the body for increased cup and band support. We use this technology in variety of bras including Forever Yours and Lure, which is specifically designed for bigger busted women.

Technical Fabrics

Activate is our Sport nursing bra - this bra uses technical fabrics for breathability including coolmax fabrics which have wicking properties ie pulls moisture away from the body and dries quickly. The flexi-wire technology holds the bra against the body reducing chaffing and rubbing.

Seamless Technology

My Necessity Sleep bra - is a soft, santoni knit bra with seamless technology it is perfect to sleep in. Soft luxury and no seams to rub on the body. The flexible knit of this bra is perfect for accommodating the changing bust size when sleeping.

Dual Cup Technology

Dual cup technology in our sleepwear - camisole and nighties. Dual cup technology offers different support levels to meet the varying needs of all body shapes and support needs. Small busted sizes have a side-sling and light support in the cup whereas the larger bust sizes have laminated linings and A-Frame structure which provide more support for the bust.

A bra can vary so much and its not until you understand and appreciate the amount of design and engineering that goes into a bra that you can truly feel the difference. Sometimes it worth paying that little bit extra to have something that makes you feel and look aspirational at the same time.

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