Its Time to Celebrate Hotmilk's 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday Hotmilk11 years ago an idea of creating fashion forward, sexy lingerie that empowered pregnant and breastfeeding women to feel aspirational became a reality.

Hotmilk forced change upon a market that desperately needed an overhaul and is immensely proud to have led this revolution of the maternity world that prior to their launch left mothers with only a sea of beige as their choice for nursing lingerie.

The team behind Hotmilk realized that this was a time in a mothers life that, more than ever before, she deserved to look and feel fabulous as she navigates through the extreme changes her body is going through.

"As another year passes, we'd love to thank our amazing customers and retailers for their incredible support. Our journey has been full of amazing people with incredible stories and its these moments that keep our hearts pumping to continually improve says Lisa Ebbing".

"We have just released 2 new products; Untamed and Lovestruck which are perfect for every lingerie drawer. Untamed is very sexy and sensual, whereas Lovestruck exudes beauty and elegance. Both these bras come with matching French Panties to top the look off".

To celebrate Hotmilk's 11th Birthday, we've selected our top selling 11 products and have discounted these by 30%. Just enter discount code HMTURNS11 at checkout to redeem your discount. PLUS you'll go in the draw to win your entire purchase back.

Happy birthday to Hotmillk and thanks to all our incredible customers from all corners of the globe

Love the Hotmilk Team

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