The realness of a mama's breastfeeding journey

"A mother needs just as much love as a newborn, because they too have just been born".

It was this quote that got me thinking about all of the first times and new experiences a mother will face through pregnancy and birth. Every mothers journey is completely different, so it would be wrong of us to try and sum it up, so we thought we’d ask our followers about some of their breastfeeding experiences to share with you.

The First did it feel?

The first latch is often a weird and wonderful experience all in one. For some it can feel overwhelming. After hours and sometimes days of trying to push your little one out, they are then placed on your chest like you should know exactly what to do next??? But reality is, you have no idea and like every mother, learn by doing. For others it is the most natural and beautiful part of childbirth. You finally get to meet your little one and immediately form this incredible bond as they are placed on your chest for their first latch. We know it’s different for everyone, so have collated some of the comments below.

“Wrecked and detached... birth didn't go smoothly. Once she did latch it wasn’t well, I had to pump for 2 weeks to heal from when she was 3days old but only lasted 7 or 8 days because I NEEDED her to breastfeed. It took 12weeks to get comfortable with it but I would not have given up for the world. That bonding time is the best thing in the world" @allisonwonderland90

“I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it was over 3 years ago. It was surreal. Natural. Beautiful. An overwhelming sense of achievement and love”

“A failure... took us a few days before we finally nailed it” @punkybeckster

“Like a bloody vacuum cleaner attached itself to my nipple. I nearly jumped 6 feet off the bed”. @krystylzz

It took my babe 4 weeks to latch so when it did finally happen it was an overwhelming sense of love, relief and most of all pride for all the hard work she and I both put to get there”. @adriannagriemink

The realness of Motherhood and Breastfeeding

The moment you leave hospital and arrive home, the realness of motherhood sets in. There are no nurses there to guide you, it’s just you and your baby (and your husband/partner and pets). I remember this moment so clearly. It was a case of…what do we do now? It takes time to understand what motherhood is and how to even do it. Breastfeeding is a huge consuming part of it that can be completely underestimated for some. After reading through some of the comments from our Instagram page, it made me realise, how challenging, rewarding and different this journey can be…

“I'm 4 weeks into motherhood and breastfeeding has been one of the easiest most natural parts of this whole adventure for me so far. It was the thing I was dreading the most after hearing how difficult it can be but so far so good- yes tiring and draining at times but such a wonderful bonding experience with my little boobie barnacle. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do this” @carlyisrad

Nearly 9 weeks in to my 3rd breastfeeding journey. My first lasted 48 hours, 2nd 13 months & I’m hoping this time to go 12+ months again but I’m sadly returning to work after 6 months this time so will be different to adjust to that xx @mylifeandkids_

2 kids, the eldest a boy, fully breastfed for 4 months, then parallelly nursed and fed regular food (doctor’s orders, because he didn’t put weight on) kept nursing until he was 10 months. My second, a daughter, 7 weeks old is breastfed and gaining weight beautifully. A little chubster. But the doubt about my abilities are still clinging on from last time. I just have to ignore the doubt and look at my 2 healthy children, and remember that they are two separate beings, and I have grown wiser, stronger and more confident in my role as a parent. @samoegra

Exclusively expressing for my little cherub for 10 months next week. Donated over 30L to other bubs in need @rach_plus2

Little girl born at 35/36weeks and tube fed for first 8 days of her life in NICU with my BM. She was too weak to suck and had tongue tie. I exclusively expressed for her first 10 weeks of her life when after having her tongue snipped again and seeing a cranial osteopath she then fed from me beautifully. Still going at 20 months (just morning and bed time as that’s when she wants to) and I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant with number 2 @flicwink

We breast fed for 12 months When my little one self-weaned because I was almost 3 months pregnant. Obviously didn't like the new taste it was so hard in the beginning but so worth it. I can't wait to try again with #2 @racheljenniferhair

Little bear was born at 36 weeks so was tube fed for the first 3-4 weeks . Now breast and bottle fed as my milk supply never really took off after my C-Section. Despite the supply issues it’s been a really easy and natural process and I’ll continue for a while yet @bec_steeley

First born lasted 4 1/2 months breastfed. Was having formula top ups in hospital after being born via section 8 days over and 4520g , he sucked the life out of me! Drinking on average 1- 1.5L in 24hours. Nearly 4 months PP now and completely different experience again section and a 4200g bub, it feels so natural now and not as draining, we just seem to be in sync this time. @sugarandspice288

Almost 13 months in and we’re still rocking the morning and night feeds. From the early days when he was finger fed expressed colostrum and I was worried he’d never latch.. to a total boob monster who has always refused a bottle! I’m so proud of us @pippa_nilson

Had our first child in march, have breast fed exclusively for 4 months and have my first day at work tomorrow! Planning to express and hopefully continue on our BF journey! I haven't loved every minute! There have been tears, tantrums and a lot of thoughts on giving up but we persisted and now I love the time I get to spend just watching him as he feeds. Well done to all you breast feeding mummas @becjack_

Goodluck to every mamma out there breastfeeding or not. Remember everyone has a different story to tell and different ways to cope. You all rock and are doing an amazing job!

Feel free to share your story below. We’d love to hear from you x

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