Store highlight: Bravissimo - celebrating ladies with big boobs

Bravissimo understand how a womens body especially their breasts can change during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. They stand by their mantra to check, check and check again and encourage women to be fitted as regualry as needed to make sure you are wearing the correct sized bra. As soon as things start to feel uncomforatble in your current bra, make sure you pop along to one of their 29 stores and be fitted by a women who understands everything about D cup+ boobs.

Bravissimo was founded in 1995 by Sarah Tremellen and her friend following their own frustrating experiences trying to find pretty bras that fit them. They couldn’t believe the lack of choice available to them and were fed up of being offered enormous matronly contraptions and being told they couldn’t possibly expect to find lovely bras in bigger cup sizes.

Adamant that big boobed women like them deserved a better experience when buying bras, Sarah and her friend started Bravissimo as a mail order company from her sitting room. Right from the start, the aim was not only to offer a great choice of bras, but to champion and celebrate everything that is great about big boobed women.

From the beginning, we’ve been proud and upfront about saying that we think having big boobs is great. We aim to give our customers a really uplifting and confidence boosting experience whenever they contact us, whether that’s online, on the phones or visiting one of our shops.

Today, thanks to our customers’ fantastic support, Bravissimo girls are able to ask themselves 'which bra do I like' rather than 'what comes in my size’. We’re incredibly pleased to have achieved that and our story doesn’t end here - we’ve still got lots more we want to do to inspire big boobed women from far and wide to feel amazing!

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