Maternity lingerie that is good for mums, little ones and the planet

We are thrilled to introduce Serenity Bamboo. Our newest maternity lingerie set. Designed from buttery soft bamboo fabric and scalloped recycled lace. This set combines functionality and style with an environmental focus. The set includes a black wire-free contour cup bra and a matching high-rise brief.

Serenity was conceptualised by the design team, who wanted to create a mindful lingerie set that focused on a number of sustainability metrics, including product longevity and manufacturing. Bamboo and recycled lace were selected for their sustainability merit, while the multifit design gives the product longevity, as it can be worn from pregnancy through to breastfeeding.

Serenity joins the Hotmilk Bamboo range as its first lingerie set. The current range consists of Hotmilk's My Necessity Bikini Brief, Pregnancy Brief and reusable nursing pads. The use of bamboo in lingerie is becoming increasingly popular due to its soft texture, anti-bacterial properties and absorbency. Great for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Hotmilk Creative Director, Tessa Dawson, believes all designers should be looking at what they are creating with an environmental lens. "As a mum, I am always thinking about the importance of protecting the planet for future generations. At Hotmilk, we are committed to reducing our impact on the earth, and we are doing this by creating premium products that are healthier for our customers, their little ones and the environment. Serenity is a great example of this coming together. We love the result and know our mothers will too."


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