Hotmilk turns 10

Hotmilk celebrates 10 years in business!

10 years ago this November Hotmilk launched their innovative, fashionable and inspirational range of maternity lingerie. First launching close to home in New Zealand, followed by Australia, the UK and the rest of the globe quickly followed.

Hotmilk forced change upon a market that desperately needed an overhaul and is immensely proud to have led this revolution of the maternity world that prior to their launch left mothers with only a sea of beige as their choice for nursing lingerie.

The team behind Hotmilk realized that this was a time in a mothers life that, more than ever before, she deserved to look and feel fabulous as she navigates through the extreme changes her body is going through.

“All of us here at Hotmilk would like to thank all the retailers that supported us through these amazing 10 years, and all the mothers that were our inspiration. It’s been an incredible life changing experience for both Ange and myself and it’s been an honor to be able to feel so positive about the mark we’ve made on the industry”. Lisa Ebbing.

To celebrate their birthday Hotmilk is launching 10 days of giveaways with over $10,000 worth of prizes to be given out through social media to mothers around the world. Retailers also have some exciting opportunities to be a part of the birthday, and the Hotmilk team will take a well-deserved day off to celebrate!  To ensure you don't miss out, sign up here for all the details - SIGN UP

“If I could think of one thing that has given me the greatest reward in creating Hotmilk, it would have to be all the fabulous retailers around the globe that

Believed in us and all the mothers and women of the world who take the time to tell us how divine it makes them feel and the confidence it delivers in having the choice of fashion forward nursing lingerie.  That’s empowering for us all”.  Ange Sloan

The Hotmilk brand has gone from strength to strength and with the launch of their active-wear and J cup bras only weeks away, it’s just the beginning. Hotmilk has strong ambitions for the future so keep an eye on them!

Marketing contact: Lisa Ebbing

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