What Nursing Lingerie Do I Really Need?

If you're a new mother we appreciate it's a super overwhelming time so we have put together a bit of a list of what we class as essential nursing wardrobe items.


    Hotmilk Nursing Bras


    We have a simple saying at Hotmilk… You'll need at least three nursing bras: one on the body, one in the wash and one in the drawer.

    Most mothers say they actually end up with five or more, but three is a good start and then you can see how you go and what you need once you start to breastfeed.



    My Necessity Bra


    Make sure you have a couple of soft stretchy bras for the hospital as your breasts will change up to three cup sizes in those first days after you deliver your baby.

    We have our My Necessity bras that are perfect for the hospital and for sleeping in and will grow with you. The reality is also that you will need to hold breastpads in place while you sleep, so you'll need to sleep in a bra.



      Hotmilk Camisoles

      Camisoles will be your new best friend!

      These will allow you to breastfeed without having to lift up your top and expose your tummy, this is a dream in the early days while you are learning to breastfeed.

      Our My Everyday camisoles stretch and grow up to three cup sizes and can be worn as daywear or sleepwear as they have an inbuilt support structure, much like a bra.




      Hotmilk Loungewear

      Sleep is so under rated! And Hotmilk has some amazing PJ's and nighties for you too.

      We recommend sleepwear because it makes those night time breastfeeding sessions all the better if you feel fabulous! It's great to have options to wear in hospital and when visitors drop by too.

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