Don't forget to be happy

Life can be a crazy thing, add kids and it can be even crazier! To help balance everything out, here's a list of some helpful tips that happy mamas take part in around the globe.

1) Ask for help

Happiness is not being afraid to ask for help. You'll find your friends and family are quite willing to offer a hand when needed. Don't say 'NO' to a night out with some girlfriends or movie night with the hubby just because you cant find a babysitter...very happy mums, just say 'please' and are more than happy to return the favour :)

2) Get out of the house

Have you been outside today? Fresh air, Sunlight and Nature are all believed to enhance ones mood...especially for women. So get outside with your stroller and breath! Don't be afraid to dance in the rain...buggies all come well equipped with rain covers these days, so there's no excuses :)

3) Dance in the sheets

Kisses and sweet words are wonderful in every relationship, but don't forget to get busy in the bedroom or wherever you heart leads you. It'll put a smile on your dial and leave you with a very happy husband/partner!

4) Sweat

As much as some people despise it...exercise is one thing that makes us feel happy...maybe not when your doing it but afterwards you'll feel enlightened and proud. Sometimes it can almost feel self-indulgent... just you, in your own wee world, sweating it can be a real buzz!

5) Love thyself and everyone that completes you

The happiest mums don't compare and don't compete. In the materialistic world that we live in, so many mums feel the need to dress their kids the coolest, keep their house the smartest and present themselves the tidiest. The green eyed monster can be play havoc with lives and wallets. Just be content is greater than riches, so love what you have.

6) Hang with your posse

All of us mums are in the same boat. We know that some days are amazing and some days all you need is wine or few to finish off the day! Happy mums share stories and laugh about our misfortunes! Get together and discuss all the extremely important topics like how hot the new teacher is or whether you should buy that new lingerie the way you totally should!

7) Pick and Choose

Plan a date with just one of the kids. Enjoy some one on one time with each child. No interrupting, no fighting and no juggling between needs and wants. Just embrace all the love and have some fun!

8) Forgive and forget

We all make mistakes especially in this thing we call parenting. I'm sure the best of us have lost our tempers, bribed kids with toys and lollies, been inconsistent and broken promises. Happy mums don't beat themselves up about it, they forgive themselves, move one and try do better next time. Forget the bad and focus on the fun!

9) Laugh and dance with your family

Laughter really is the best medicine. Research has said it releases chemicals that improve your well-being. So be silly with your kids and husband/partner, laugh at their jokes, turn the music up loud and dance your bootie off! Plus when your kids see you laughing and having fun, they'll immediately feel happy too...its contagious!

10) Lap up every cuddle and kiss you can

Happy mums soak up every love and cuddle they can and young kids are full of these. Whether its snuggling up in bed before the day starts, snuggling on the couch to watch a movie, cuddling when someone feels upset or sending your kids off to school with a compulsory kiss and cuddle. Lets face it, soon they'll be teenagers and we'll hardly get a nod from them!

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