Top 40 Useful Baby Shower Gifts For Mums

New Mum Celebrate with friends at her Baby Shower
Whether you are attending a friend's baby shower, baby sprinkle or a sip and see; we are all wanting to nail the perfect gift, which is no easy task. We generally put gifts into three categories - thoughtful/meaningful, useful and indulgent. If you have had a baby shower of your own, you may have a few winning ideas up your sleeve. For those of you who are a little stuck on what to give, don't worry we have you covered. As a team of mums, we have compiled a list of our favourite gifts for expectant parents and their new arrival. 
We have separated our gift ideas into two sections: gifts for the baby and for mum and dad. We hope you find it useful.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Gifts

Gifts for the Baby 

  • Handmade - We love homemade gifts. There is nothing more meaningful and heartfelt. This could be clothing, a knitted jersey or a toy. We find these gifs are always of such high quality that they make the perfect hand-me-downs. 

  • Swaddles or swaddle sleeping bags - Swaddles are what a baby is wrapped in for sleep. Swaddling protects your baby against its natural startle reflex, which means better sleep for both of you. We suggest that new parents have a few different swaddle options, making it the perfect baby shower gift. They are often graded by tog, which will indicate what temperature they are suited to, keep this in mind when purchasing. 

Baby Swaddled in Cot
  • Baby carrier or wrap. We can't recommend this gift enough. Perfect for those parents who like to get outdoors and explore. 

  • Baby Bath -Bathing a newborn baby can be difficult. Thankfully there are baths designed specifically for little ones. There are a ton of different baby baths online; most can be used up until 12 months old. A great addition to the bath is a kit of bathing essentials—things like baby body wash, soft flannels and a hooded towel. 

  • Bath thermometer - A bath thermometer is a great addition to the baby bath. This, like the bath, will get a lot of use.

  • Bedding - If you know what kind of cot your friend or family member has purchased, a sheet set, underlay & mattress protector is the perfect gift. Any parent will tell you having a spare bundle of bedding is essential. 

  • Books - We are big lovers of kids' books, from the classic to great local stories; you can never have too many. If you want to personalise the gift a handwritten note on the inside of the cover is always lovely. 

  • Photo album subscription. Long gone are the days of printing film. There are many online photo album subscriptions where you send your photos, and they print you a photo book. Once printed, these photo albums are a great addition to your coffee table books. 

  • Clothing for six months + Every new parent is given cute newborn outfits. Often too many for the baby to wear. We suggest buying one or two sizes bigger.  

  • Personalised Book - Spark lifelong imagination with a personalised book that includes the baby's name in the title and throughout the book.

  • Book And Blanket Combo- For lots of reading snuggles, create a cute book-and-blanket combo gift. Personalise the book and blanket to make it extra special. 

Baby Blankets for Baby Shower
  • Diaper Bag- With lots of different diaper bags on the market, find one that's functional and also perfectly suits mum and dad's personality. 

  • Diapers and Wipes: This may seem like a basic gift, but it is incredibly useful for new parents. They will always need more diapers and wipes.

Nappies for a babyshower gift
  • Nursing Pillow - whether the new mum plans on breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a nursing pillow is the perfect addition to any nursery. This is also great for when the dad or partner wants to give the baby a bottle. 

  • Wet bag - A wet bag is a must in any nappy bag. Perfect for used reusable nappies, wet clothing or burping clothes. By using a wet bag, your nappy bag will remain clean and odour free. 

  • White noise/ sssshing- We are yet to come across a parent who doesn't love their white noise or shusher. The White noise is just like the 'sssshing' and 'swoooshing' sounds your baby heard for nine months in the womb. Inside the womb, the noise is constant. It's louder than a vacuum cleaner, 24 hours a day! So your newborn has already been listening to white noise for many months before they are born...and this is one of the reasons babies are calm INSIDE the womb. Playing continuous white noise is one of the easiest ways to provide your baby with 4th Trimester' womb service' and make them feel right at home.

  • Rockit. Rockit was created to help parents on the go. This handy must-have accessory keeps babies moving and snoozing. You attach it to your pram or pushchair, push the button and adjust the speed to rock the baby gently. Great for at home or out and about. 

  • First-Year Photo Frame- The new parents will undoubtedly want to put photos of their gorgeous new baby up. The first-year photo frame has 12 frames, so the new parents can document the first year. 
Hospital Photo Post Birth Framed
  • First Aid Kit - Every household should have a first aid kit, but often don't. Once you have a child, this becomes more important. First aid courses are also available for parents, which make a fantastic gift. 

  • Baby Monitor - You can bet the new parents will want to check on their little ones while they sleep. A baby monitor is a great way for mum and dad to keep a watchful eye. Depending on how much you would like to spend, there are additional features like two-way talking, temperature gauges and soothing sounds. 

  • Baby Swing or Bouncer: A baby swing or bouncer is a great way to soothe a fussy baby. Look for one that has multiple speeds, plays music, and has a comfortable seat.

  • Go In Together With Friends- Surprise mum and dad by gathering a few friends to split the cost and purchasing a big item such as a stroller or cot. 

Edwards & Co. pram being pushed by a mum

    Gifts For Mom And Dad

    • Professional Photoshoot- This could be used for a maternity or newborn shoot. Both will be treasured forever. You can't go wrong.

    Maternity Photoshoot Featuring Warrior Soft Cup
    • Birth Affirmation Cards: Birth affirmation cards are a set of positive messages and affirmations that can help the mom-to-be feel more confident and prepared for childbirth.

    • Belly Cast Kit: A belly cast kit allows the mom-to-be to create a cast of her pregnant belly, which can be a special keepsake and a unique way to celebrate her pregnancy.

    • Spa Gift Basket: A spa gift basket can include items like bath bombs, body butter, and scented candles, and can help the mom-to-be relax and pamper herself.

    New Mum Enjoying a Spa Day Relaxing In A Bath
    • Prenatal Massage Gift Certificate: Pregnancy can be tough on the body, and a prenatal massage is a great way for a mum-to-be to relax and relieve some of the discomforts.

    • Subscription Box- With a subscription box, mum or dad will receive a box of goodies in the mail each month. 

    • Childcare- This is one of the best gifts you can give! If you are someone the new parents would trust to babysit their little one, then absolutely offer up your time.

    • Meal Or Grocery Service- Sign the expecting parents up for a couple of months of free and easy meals with a meal or grocery delivery service. Not having to think about dinner will be sure to make the parents grateful!
    • Home-Cooked Food - For families with new babies, schedule the meal train to start about 2 weeks after the baby comes. A meal train is when a group of friends or family co-ordinate cooking for the new parents. 
    • Pregnancy Journal -A pregnancy journal is a great way for the mum-to-be to document her pregnancy journey, including thoughts, feelings, and milestones.

    • Nursing Bras - We are biased, but we cannot recommend a good nursing bra enough. This is a complex item to purchase for someone else, so we suggest a gift voucher. Or go for a multifit option that can stretch and grow with the mum - shop Hotmilk Multifit Nursing Bras

    Pregnant mum wearing a Hotmilk Show Off a Black Nursing Bra

      • Housekeeping Services- You often hear parents say that they are drowning in washing. Staying on top of the housework while caring for a little one can be difficult. A gift card for a cleaning service will give mum and dad a reprieve from the mountains of washing. 

      • At-Home Date Night Gift Box- Order and deliver meals from the couples favourite restaurant. Creating the perfect at home date night. 

      • Online Gift Card- Every parent loves the convenience of shopping online. A gift card allows them to order the last few baby essentials off their registry. We love stores like the sleep store and nature baby. 

      • Pregnancy Compression Socks - Socks might not be the most elegant gift, but pregnancy compression socks will be practical (and appreciated!) gift for pregnant mums. 

      • Robe & Slippers - a robe and a pair of slippers and you've got a winning lounge-wear baby shower gift.

      • Maternity Pyjamas- Every pregnant mum wants to feel confident and beautiful — even while she sleeps! Gift her a pair of comfortable maternity pyjamas.

      Maternity Pyjama Set Worn By A Pregnant Mum
      • Breastfeeding Supplies- Put together some nursing essentials, like cute Hotmilk bra & reusable nursing pads, and a basket full of snacks.

      When shopping for a baby shower gift make sure you are thinking about the parents and their situation, if this is their second, third or fourth child, they may already have many items listed above. What they won't have is time to themselves, so childcare or an at-home date night could be the best gift. If this is a first pregnancy and the parents are not expecting a lot of hand-me-downs, they will probably need all of the essentials. When in doubt, talk to the expectant parents. There is nothing worse than wasting money on something they will never use. Happy shopping! 

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