The Power of Good Lingerie: Why Investing In High-Quality Nursing Bras Boosts Confidence

Every mother’s journey is different.
Let our 18 years of experience guide you to the power of good lingerie.

Every mother’s journey is different, and the changes our bodies experience can differ significantly. So just like a great pair of jeans, not one style of maternity bra will suit every body shape. Our Hotmilk design team have spent the last 18 year perfecting their craft, developing the most luxe high quality nursing bras, and pairing beautiful fabrics with innovation to support and empower you through your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. 

It's one thing to know your body will change during pregnancy, but another to embrace the changes you have no control over. Often the change in an expecting mum's breasts can be daunting, for those who have always been smaller in the cup the sudden increase can be welcomed or overwhelming, and for expecting mothers who are bigger in the cup brings the worry of how big they will increase and if there will be any beautiful maternity intimates available in their size. These changes are beyond our control, but support is available with Hotmilk Lingerie continuing to develop maternity lingerie from an A to J cup (M cup - US) perfect for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  

Invest in yourself, you are growing and sustaining a new life. High quality nursing bras are not a fanciful treat they are an important necessity in the motherhood journey. Maternity lingerie helps relieve the discomfort physically and emotionally that can come with pregnancy, and the perfect nursing bra makes the breastfeeding journey just that much easier. We hear time and time again, from second-time mums that they wished they had realised the value and benefits of maternity lingerie in their first pregnancy and now fiercely advocate this to first-time mums. Do not underrate your worth in this journey and invest in yourself.

Hotmilk Lingerie Warrio Soft Cup Ivory shown on a full term pregnant mother in a maternity photoshoot

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Just a couple of the reasons expecting and new mums tell us our lingerie completely redefined their motherhood journey:

Confidence booster: Even though no one else can see it, you’ll be surprised to know how a good bra can boost your confidence. Whether you are at home, out and about, or at work, Hotmilk Lingerie has created comfortable support maternity lingerie that will give you power and motivation for the rest of the day. You’ll gain power, beauty, and charm from your inner confidence.

Push comfort zones: Wearing beautiful lingerie will push your boundaries. You can experiment with your changing body shape and opt for bra styles you haven’t tried earlier. By trying new lingerie, you can push yourself past your self-imposed limitations, vibrant colours, florals, and prints are uplifting, and solid colours like reds, purples, blue or black can make you feel powerful. Beautiful, sexy or powerful high quality lingerie is about you and you only, how it makes you feel and elevates the mother in you.

Surprising changes to your body and body confidence
Today we are a generation of women who confront body image issues head-on, however, this doesn’t mean it isn’t a struggle from time to time, especially with the huge changes your body must go through to grow a new life. Ribcage tenderness, heavier bust, and back or shoulder discomfort can be helped with the perfect maternity or nursing bra. Hotmilk maternity and nursing lingerie is designed to support and celebrate the changes with a practical physical support structure cleverly hidden behind beautiful designs for your daily maternity wardrobe.

Wearing beautiful maternity lingerie improves body and self-confidence, but there are also the practical benefits of quality maternity lingerie. Multi-fit cup sizing, wire-free or flexiwire cup support and 6 rows of eye and hooks are some of the design features that help during pregnancy as your body constantly changes. Breastfeeding is supported with traditional or magnetic nursing clips, leakproof bras and camisole range, and A-frame or side sling nursing support. A wide range of nursing bra styles to suit the different needs of expecting mums, and nursing mothers.

Choosing the right lingerie is a long-term investment, 18 years of sharing this journey with 100s of thousands of mums (including our own Hotmilk team) have given us great insight. Below are a couple of our favourite nursing bra styles for each of the trimesters to help you feel proud and confident in your changing body. This is just a guide to finding a style and support to ease you through your motherhood journey. Whether it's comfort, elevated everyday luxury or sexy, Hotmilk Lingerie will make you feel like the warrior you are!

Hotmilk My Necessity Frappe showcased on breastfeeding mother
First trimester
1-3 months or under 12 weeks (It’s about the boobs!)
This is when most women find out they are pregnant, changes in cup shape size and fullness can occur at this time.  Newly pregnant mums will often find they are “Spilling” out of their regular cup size or experiencing tenderness, multi-fit maternity bra styles like Warrior Soft cup and My Necessity Sleep bra or non-wired Ambition T-shirt or Show Off are great at these times. Expecting mums may also feel like their band is quite tight. Most women will need to go up at least a cup size and band size *however there is no hard and fast rule as every mama's journey is different.

Second trimester
3-6 Months or 12- 24 weeks (It’s about the Bump)
Most mums will find their cup size has settled and it becomes about the growing the bump, at this point. A lot of mums will feel great at this point and it's time to feel beautiful and empowered! Maternity bra styles like Warrior Plunge, Lunar Plunge, Temptation, and Ambition T-Shirt are great. Most mothers will start to need more room in the band, Hotmilk bras have 6 rows of eyes and hooks so this will help to extend the band during this growth period. Your bra should be fitting on the middle hooks, allowing it to extend towards the end of pregnancy but then have room to tighten after birth. IE if a 14E is fitting well in the cup but the band is feeling tight then go to the 16DD which will be a bigger band but the same cup size.

Third Trimester
6-9 Months or 24 -40 weeks (still about the bump and then some prep)
As above, most expecting mums will be settled in the cup and the bump will be growing pushing out the ribcage often feeling super uncomfortable at the end few weeks. This is the perfect time for wire-free styles with super soft underbands. Styles such as Show Off and Lunar Eclipse or Ambition T-shirt are great and soft on the high bump. This is also the stage where prepping for birth is a priority, Bamboo Breast Pads and My Necessity Sleep Bras and Camis are a must for the Hospital bag. After delivery, most new mums will increase 1-2 cup sizes as their milk comes in but stabilise over the next month so multi-fit nursing bra styles like the Warrior Soft Cup, or Caress Bamboo and My Necessity are a must in those first few weeks.

Fourth Trimester
0-12 weeks after birth (the learning curve of motherhood)
The body of a new mum needs time understanding, support, and comfort to begin the recovery journey. Now is the time to be kind to yourself, the hourly and daily influx with engorgement will slowly settle over the coming weeks. Soft multi-fit or wire-free nursing bra styles like Heroine Bralette, Show Off, and Embrace are a must. You will be on the loosest hooks at this point which allows the option to tighten the band over the coming months as your ribcage contracts. (there is no perfect timeframe, allow your body the time it needs to recover)

Mama Life
12 weeks and beyond (the mother you were destined to be)
As you continue your breastfeeding journey, it's important to remember that you are bold, you are brave, you can face all that is ahead …. But be kind to yourself! Whether you are juggling life out and about or returning to work it's time to embrace your motherhood style. Ambition T-shirt, Lunar Eclipse, Icon and Zen are some of our favourite wireless nursing bra styles, Temptation, Warrior Plunge and Forever Yours or Obsession provide the ultimate uplifting flexiwire support. Our customer support team are always available to guide you to your perfect style and fit just get in touch with now

Hotmilk Temptation Powder nursing and maternity bra - Kami new mother getting ready to face the world

As mamas we tend to forget to look after ourselves, we wouldn’t put our new baby in something that didn’t fit so we shouldn’t do it either. After all, bras are an essential piece of equipment in our journey to grow a human being and then be able to feed that little person! It's just a bonus that Hotmilk Lingerie makes high quality nursing bras that help you to feel fabulous too. The Hotmilk team are mums ourselves and while we all have different stories and experiences through motherhood, we all agree on one thing the perfect maternity and nursing lingerie increases your confidence and the way you see yourself at such a pinnacle transition in a woman’s life.

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