Olivia Owens - how to manage self doubt and mantras to live by!

Olivia Owens (@breakfast_babes and @boobiebarslice) is an inspiration to all mums. Her calmness and sense of postivity exudes in her everyday life and is something we all strive for. We caught up with Olivia and found out how she overcome self doubt, her mantras to live by and how she manages family life, owning her own business and keeping herself postive and happy.

How have you found motherhood has changed since your second child?

Good question, for I was pleasantly surprised, I had a bit of a tough time transitioning to a mum after I had Luca. After having Coco the weeks' post-birth I felt at ease, I think I speak for my husband as well on this one. You've done it all before so you just care so much less about everything, you really start to understand the mantra "this too shall pass' It really does fly too, so I'm really trying to enjoy every minute while they're small as I know it won't last forever. So to go back to your question, everything but nothing has changed all at the same time, it's like it's always been this way.

You’re a pilates teacher, yoga teacher, mum of two, wife, and business owner. How do you set realistic expectations for yourself for managing time?

This is something I am always trying to fine-tune. I think deep down we feel like we are exactly the same person, doing all the things we loved to do pre-babies. When I had Luca I felt I managed and could do most of the things I needed to do; work, study, my mental and emotional well being. Having Coco on the parenting side of a newborn is lovely and at times so easy, but when you start to add extra things in, like work and or study, it is a juggle and it takes a lot of communication with your support person/people. I had a few big aha moments with what I could manage and with what I couldn't. When I say aha moment... I really mean my husband kindly telling me I'm a stressed lunatic and I've taken on too much!

Is there one non-negotiable you do each day for you time?

Absolutely, movement is 100% my nonnegotiable, It's incredibly important to me. Not only to rebuild after each bubba so that you're strong enough to lug them around for the next 3 years but the mental aspect for me. Some form of movement every day. Some days it might be yoga or a pilates class, other days it's a 15-minute walk around the block (most of the time it's a walk). Some people like to exercise with their children which is great too, but having that time away for just you is so important. Also, some form of mindfulness. A little 10minute meditation with some written gratitudes to end the day really helps keep me in a positive and calm space.

You’re a big foodie - how is this important to you as a mother and feeding your family? Any secret healthy recipes your kids love?

I love this question! I think because I like to eat healthily, people assume my children do too. I've learned ebbs and flows and sometimes bribery is the best option. Smoothies and learning how to hide greens in comfort foods are a must. I make vegan mac and cheese a lot as the base is pumpkin, you could just blitz it in with your normal cheesy recipe. Smoothies and green pancakes are my go-to my kids think they're great. Healthy Kumara pancakes, green pancakes and green smoothies, that's my tip. All recipes I share to help inspire. (Just as I finished typing that, Coco came into the lounge, eating out of a packet of family-sized chips! Hahaha sums it up, kids know what they want)

Congrats on the release of Boobie Bar Slice! What made you want to start this business?

Oh Thank you, yes it's all very exciting. Another great question. I love to encourage and inspire others to create delicious goodies that don't take all day to make; whether that be a pizza or a raw slice. I was chatting to my beautiful friend Lucy, who had a small business making cute gift boxes that were filled with locally sourced goodies and she planted the seed... "why don't you try to package one of your Boobie Bar Slices and put them in my gift boxes." I went away and thought about it and realised the slice I had been eating by the truckload to help with my milk supply could easily be put into a pouch and sold as a take-home DIY chocolate slice of deliciousness.

Sometimes we all second guess ourselves and have moments of hesitancy. Do you ever second guess yourself and if so, how do you overcome this barrier?

I definitely do this a lot, we are only human and it's natural for us to want to fit in or to please others in some way or another. Being someone who teaches pilates and yoga classes regularly, you're literally pouring your heart and soul into creating the perfect class. It is so easy to get lost in what people are thinking or not thinking about your class or the way you delivered it, you will drive yourself completely up the bend if you spend all of your time worrying. I learned early on in the game, "fake it until you make it." Our self-talk literally becomes you. Swallow your ego or that inner mean girl and go for it. Some days are easy and other days you need a little more convincing, but that's what your loved ones are for to hold you up and support you on your journey.

How has your relationship changed with your body during and after pregnancy?

I'm not going to lie... my pregnancy with Luca really shook the boat, it was big and it was a lot, it completely rocked me. I didn't realise how important it was for me to look a certain way, to be 'fit and lean' but that just is not realistic and it's taken a lot for me to realise we are more than the number on the tag. I think it's only natural to want to be healthy and feeling good in your own skin and the clothes that you wear, but when do we draw the line? Having Coco, I was way more relaxed about my body changing. I knew eventually my clothes would fit like they used to. A big piece of advice for new mums, buy yourself some new jeans a new outfit to house the beautiful new you. You don't need to spend the earth either; Glasses, Cotton On, op shops has such a good range for attractive prices. If you're having a really tough time, please be kind to yourself, turn the dislike towards your body to love. Affirmations help me. 'I love my beautiful body, I feel so confident and strong'. Movement (even if just for fresh air around the block), affirmations and you'll be feeling like a million bucks.

Lastly, what‘s the best thing about being a mum?

It really is the most special thing, there are parts you will endure and parts you will want to last forever. For me, it's watching them grow, the cute and funny little things that they do day-to-day that no one else would take a second look at. They are your beautiful messy little train wrecks that have broken you completely, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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