How a photoshoot can increase your confidence and self-love! Meet mama, Courtney-Jade Segmiller.


We caught up with Courtney-Jade Segmiller who we were very lucky to have as one of our mamas in our most recent mama's photoshoot we did. Courtney is an amazing mama just like you and totally bought her A game to our photoshoot. We love the images and the moments we caught with her on camera.

We asked Courtney a few questions to get her thoughts on pregnancy, modelling and motherhood.

How did you feel about the changes to your body before the shoot?

I felt rather heavy, which was probably no secret by the way I was waddling around. I gained 17kgs and around 39 weeks I woke up one morning to a single stretch mark that within a week, turned into quite a few of them. They made my belly very tender and even though this made me feel slightly self conscious, I was extremely humbled by all the uncontrollable changes that occur when there is life growing inside of you.

How did the shoot and wearing Hotmilk Lingerie make you feel afterwards?

The team at Hotmilk are all so lovely. They made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. It was amazing to be dressed in pregnancy and nursing-friendly lingerie, embracing every single curve and leaving you feeling confident and snug at the same time!

What’s the top tip you’d give to a new mother?

As difficult as it may be to find time for yourself with a new baby, I would strongly encourage every mother to do something that makes you feel good (a “pick me up”) every day. Even if it’s ensuring you wash your face in the mornings and giving your hair a brush, or taking a walk outside. You will be amazed at how this can set the tone for the day and make you feel rebalanced in between the countless feeds and minimum shut eye.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

Growing with your baby. Literally. We grow while they do the same inside our wombs, and once they are earth side, we continue to do so through all of the moments; tough and amazing. How rewarding is motherhood, despite being the toughest. I love looking at my son, seeing him flourish and knowing that no two days are ever the same. Making the most of the moment and knowing that the next day he will again surprise me in so many different ways.

Whats your favourite hotmilk style and why?

The Warrior set - Practical, comfortable and sexy!

Courtney wears Obsession Ice, Ambition Triangle Black and Show Off Ivory. Keep your eye out for more images online and on our social pages of Courtney and our other models!



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