Trust us, we're all breastfeeding mums. Hotmilk staff reveal their true breastfeeding experiences.

As a company focused on breastfeeding, we try to encourage people as much as we can to breastfeed. Breastfeeding is natural, its full of amazing goodness for your baby and there is something quite special about that bond between mother and baby. However, we realise that breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally for everyone. It can often be a hard and often painful journey for some mums.

Our Hotmilk staff have all breastfed and experienced first hand the amazing moments that we cherish and the challenging moments that make us stronger. We have all been there and know what its like. We understand and we're here for you!

Out of interest I thought I’d ask our staff members to feedback on their breastfeeding experiences and memories. Their responses are raw and somewhat surprising. As amazing and as hard as breastfeeding can be, all of us look back and remember those fond moments between mother and baby in a positive light!

KELLY: Customer Service and mother of 2 crazy boys

- Mitchell: Adventurist kid who could talk under water
- Blake: My shy deep thinking cuddler

After an emergency C-Section I had envisioned issues with breastfeeding my first. But I need not have worried, my milk came in on day 2 and I happily breastfeed with no issues or struggles till he was nearly 1. I loved that it gave me a regular reason to STOP. Stop trying to keep the house tidy, do chores etc. Just stop and enjoy some quiet time with my baby. So second baby comes and I'm feeling pretty smug. I got this, I have done this before and I know what I'm doing. Well what a different story that was, breastfeeding was definitely a struggle and took weeks and weeks of pain and persistence. I can really feel for those who may not have a great first time experience, but it goes to prove each time is different, so if it wasn’t easy or enjoyable the first time, the next time could be amazing so give it a go!

Kelly's Pick - Show Off Black

JONELLE: Customer Service and mother of 2 boys

- Cooper: A farmboy at heart with a love for dirt biking
- Mason: A tough wee cookie ready to take on the world.

I absolutely love breastfeeding. It’s a journey that we’re on together. A journey that has created a really special bond between the boys and me. I love how much time I get to spend with them and how a breastfeed will comfort them when they’re upset. The ease and availability of having Milk when and where the boys needed it is gold. I looked forward to sitting down and having that quiet time while the boys fed.

I read this the other day which sums up my state of breastfeeding perfectly…

NIPLASH [Fr. Nipple + whiplash] : When a baby decides not to take a break from nursing and suddenly and energetically jerks their head around to up, down and all around the room (whilst still latched onto the boob!)

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WENDY: Designer and mother of 2 kids

- Grace: A budding young artist
- Cooper: A lego crazed kid

I breast fed both my kids for 6-7 months. I went back to work after 5 months for both kids and would sit in the fitting room and use a breast pump to express so they could stay on breast milk for as long as possible. All my colleagues knew it was milking time as the walls were so thin they could hear the breast pump chugging away!

I found breast feeding extremely difficult for my first child, I thought that since breastfeeding was a natural thing to do, it would be easy. I gave myself a 6-week mark and if I didn't have it by then, I would bottle feed. The point that I had breastfeeding sorted just happened to be at 6 weeks! Luckily for me the second time around was much easier! I was a lot more relaxed and knew exactly what to do!

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MICHELLE: Marketing and mother of 2 kids

- Josh: An adrenaline seeking mountain biker
- Ayla: An ambitious rock climber with a huge amount of spunk.

I found breastfeeding to be relatively easy. I remember my midwife saying that I had great breastfeeding nipples, so maybe that’s why. Josh was a machine when it came to feeding and I often had to pump extra to keep up with his ability to chug back the milk (god help me when he’s a teenager!) He was also a ‘happy chucker’ and I remember having to always have a towel on hand to catch the huge amount of milk that he’d bring up after his feed. Ayla was a lot simpler and was nowhere near as hungry as Josh, so breastfeeding was an easy and relaxed journey with her.

I have the fondest memories of that tingling sensation that happens before your milk letdowns…oh how I miss that! I also remember regularly squirting josh in the face as he’d come in for a many memories!

Michelle's Pick - Ambition Triangle Black

LISA: Director and mother of 3 girls

- Amara: A mover and a shaker
- Aria: An aspiring entrepreneur
- Violet: A pocket rocket full of life.

I was lucky enough to be able to breastfeed all my girls. I wouldn’t say that I loved breastfeeding, but realized the benefits that came from breastfeeding.

I remember thinking how lucky I was to have such healthy babies through the winter time. None of the girls really got sick and when I look back at it, luck had nothing to do with it. My breastmilk is what helped them stay healthy.

The convenience of breastfeeding was a god send! It was almost like having a built-in pacifier. I could calm all our girls whenever and wherever I was just by breastfeeding. On a separate note… breastfeeding worked wonders for my post pregnancy belly!

Lisa's Pick - Warrior Plunge Black

STEPH: Wholesale and mother of 2 kids

- Neva: Dance is Neva’s world along with Hockey, Snow Skiing and beach life
- Taine: Crazy mad about basketball, snow skiing, surfing to name a few!

OMG the things that happened!!! I’m not sure if my memories of breast feeding made me want to cry or fall to the ground with laughter with some of the very unexpected things that happened, it was not always an easy journey for me BUT I did it and fed both my babies until they were 13mths! I also LOVED the relief of feeding and that super special time, building that ever so strong connection between mum and bub is off the wall.

Steph's Pick - Lunar Eclipse Plunge Black

ANGE B: Logistics and mother of triplets

- Lennox and Harper: Both amazing surfers and skiers
- Willow: A lover of football and surfing

Let’s just say breastfeeding was a challenge. Trying to breastfeed premature triplets was hard to say the least. Most nights were spent trying to get 5lb, 4lb & 3lb babies to latch on. I then had to express to increase my milk supply and then get back into bed just in time for the next feed.

I had always imagined that I would breastfeed my children but sadly it wasn’t a physical reality for me. I didn't produce enough milk to feed three babies, however, in saying that, I breastfeed the triplets for 2-3 weeks and gave them as much goodness as I could possibly handle. As hard as it was, I have the fondest memories of these beautiful tiny babies in my arms trying to latch on for breastmilk goodness…oh and amazing memories of the night nurse in the special care unit making the most insane hot chocolates for me through the night xxx

Ange's Pick - Obsession Black

TESSA D: Designer and mother to 2 boys

- Nate: My serious inventor
- Fraser: My super creative

I really loved breastfeeding my boys, I felt really special being the only one that could provide that comfort for them, and I found it gave me a closeness even when I was struggling with creating a bond after difficult births.
Breastfeeding definitely didnt come easily, but with persistence it was incredibly rewarding, cheap and easy compared to the bottle when out and about and in the middle of the night. Both my boys had type 4 tongue-ties (short and tight) and Im glad I pushed for a solution, including lactation consultants, plunket line and finally laser release which I was lucky to be able to access and afford. I was really sad when I had to stop!

Tessa's Pick - Warrior Soft Cup Black

Whether you breast or bottle feed, feeding time is always a special bonding time when they stare up at you with so much love, it would make any heart explode with love.

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