Forever Yours – The Nursing Bra that feels just like a ‘Normal’ Bra

Forever Yours is aptly named as a style you should have forever in your lingerie drawer! It’s a style that offers you extra support with perfect shape and feels just like a normal bra, but with nursing clips. Below are some of the essential features that make this style your forever bra…

Contoured Cups
We all love a bit of padding in our bras and Forever Yours has just enough to make you feel incredible. The padded T-shirt bra is made from silky microfibre with a fun spotted print on the inside lining. The cups are moulded from contoured foam giving you beautiful shape and support.

Flexiwire Underbust.
I can hear you all saying…’but I thought underwire was a ‘no no’ for breastfeeding’ and yes you are right. However, our Forever Yours style offers a Flexiwire which is gentle and moulds to your body, reducing the pressure on sensitive breast tissue while keeping everything in place.

6 Hooks and Eyes
Not only do your breasts and tummy change during pregnancy, but so does your rib cage…that little human needs more room! All of our bras including the Forever Yours style comes with 6 hooks and eyes which allows for pre-birth and post birth rib cage expansion and contraction.

Support as well as Comfort!
Breastfeeding is an incredible thing, but at times it can be quite a task. We understand this, so have made all our bras as comfortable and supportive as possible. The Forever Yours style has wider straps for larger cups, plus they are all cotton lined for superior softness against your skin.

If you need more convincing, check out some of the reviews from customers below…

What this bra does with my boobs it's just wow! I love it and I'm gonna buy 2 more in different colours."


"Perfect yet simple!"
"This bra is great for just a simple bra. Gives support, cleavage, accessibility & a brilliant shape to your boobs. It's a classic fit & a must have bra."


"Best nursing bra, hands down"
"This is the only nursing bra I've found that compares to the best of the regular seamless underwire bras. I've gotten it in two colors now. Worth every penny!"


"Comfy and pretty"
"I never knew there were cup sizes this big! Very comfortable and supportive. Cute and admired by the hubby. :)"


"Most Supportive Bra ever owned"
"This is literally the most supportive bra I have ever owned (not just nursing). After being afraid of wearing wired bras for fear of mastitis/clogged ducts/etc I was feeling depressed and frumpy with my saggy nursing G cup boobs. I finally gave this a shot and I am so glad I did!"


"The Best Nursing Bra"
I have spent the last 6 months trying to find a good nursing bra that ticks all the boxes. I have spent a small fortune on bras that are uncomfortable, don't fit properly and don't look good. I tried hot milk a couple of weeks ago and now there's no looking back! This bra is super comfy, it looks good and gives your boobs great shape. I only wish I'd known about it earlier! I am about to buy my second! :D"

Plus check out this detailed review from Blogger “This West Coast Mommy” and "Mommyzoid" on Hotmilk's Forever Yours Style.

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