Do wirefree bras offer enough support


Wirefree bras have come a long way from the traditional crop style bra that you wore as your first 'trainer' bra when you were a teen. So much has changed from the way the cups are structured, to hidden internal support, stronger fabric in the band and carefully placed seams!


Since Covid comanded us to isolate and work from home where possible we have seen a huge shift in demand for more comfort. Innovation has been at the forefront of design to develop wire-free bras that offer great support, while not compromising on style, shape and lift.

So how do they do it?


- Seam placement and shape plays an important role in lifting, shaping and centring the bust.

- Technical fabrics such as powermesh add extra support to the band and cup linings for added support.

- Hidden support is added between fabric layers to help with lift and seperation.


There are 3 core styles of wire-free bras:


Wirefree Contoured Cup:

Contoured cup bras are designed with a moulded cup that cradles and lifts the bust the same way a traditional T-shirt style bra does but without the wire. Example - Ambition Triangle nursing bra.

- Discreetly hides nipples
- Creates a smooth round shape under clothes
- Great for smaller cup sizes
- Adds slightly more bulk for larger cup sizes

Wirefree Softcup Bras:

Softcup bras require significant design, engineering and testing to make sure the bust is supported and lifted whilst still maintaining a beautiful shape. They are known for their lightweight attributes and structured cups that are quite commonly lined in cotton or smooth breathable fabrics.

Example: Show Off nursing bra

- Naturally moves with you and moulds to your shape.
- Can offer a sexier look through the use of sheer lace and finer detailing.
- Lightweight
- Nipple show
- Can sometimes show under clothing depending on the fabric used.

Wirefree Seamless Bras:

Seamless bras are comfort plus! They have a lot of stretch which is great for pregnant and nursing mamas especially during pregnancy bust growth and those first few months of breastfeeding when your cup size is constantly changing. The main feature is that there are no seams, making these types of bras almost feel like a second skin.

Example: My Necessity nursing bra

- Seamfree for a second-skin feel.
- Fabric stretch and grows with you
- Suitable for sleeping in and light exercise
- Shape can be compromised due to less structure in the cup


Whatever style you choose, wirefree bras will give you the ultimate comfort that your body craves. We offer a huge selection of styles and recommend having at least 1 or 2 wirefree styles in your drawer throighout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. For more information on what styles to wear at which stage, read our step by step guide to what bras you will need blog.

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