Disposable Vs Washable Nursing Pads - Whats Right For You?

Nursing pads have almost become an essential part of breastfeeding. It’s imperative you feel comfortable and confident while breastfeeding, so finding the right nursing pad for you is extremely important.

Everyone has a different story especially when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood. The same goes for breastfeeding and lactation. Some women find themselves with very leaky breasts, while others leak very little. Some breastfeeding mums will only leak during those first few weeks of establishing breastfeeding, while others will continue to leak on and off throughout their breastfeeding journey.

Nursing pads play a crucial role in preventing those embarrassing moments where the front of your clothing becomes a wet mess. One important thing to remember is as soon as you feel your nursing pad getting damp, it’s time to change it. This avoids infection, sore cracked nipples and any accidental leakage. There are 2 type of nursing pads to consider.

Disposable Nursing Pads

Disposable nursing pads are generally made of cotton or paper. Some brands feature a small sticky tape which holds the pads in place in the bra. The main advantage of disposables is that they are easily accessible and once they are damp, they can be thrown away. The disadvantages are that they are expensive and generate a lot of waste - hardly an environmentally-friendly way to breastfeed!

Washable Nursing Pads

Washable breast pads have improved significantly over the last few years. They are extremely soft and reliable. Although they are a little more expensive to purchase initially, they rapidly allow you to save money. When they are damp, pop them in the laundry and dry as usual. Our organic Hotmilk Washable Nursing Pads are made of natural bamboo fibres and are beautifully soft against tender breasts. They are also extremely absorbent and come in 2 different thicknesses for daytime/nighttime use. Wearing natural materials is highly recommended for mums with cracked or sore nipples as it allows good airflow to promote healing and avoid infections. You’ll also notice that the more they are washed the softer they become.

Whatever choice you make, do it for yourself and your own comfort and confidence.


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