Breastfeeding in the spotlight


At the conclusion of World Breastfeeding Week we were enlightened to see the huge amount of support and courage shown from breastfeeding women around the world.

So many incredible events and achievements were acknowledged by numerous organisations giving breastfeeding a chance to shine in the spotlight without judgement or discrimination.

During World Breastfeeding Week, The Big Latch On was held around the world, where thousands of women partook in a registered breastfeeding event to see how many latch ons could be achieved in one minute at a specified date and time.

To date the stats stand as follows…

17,830 children breastfeeding during the one minute count.
18,681 breastfeeding people attended.
56,334 people attended registered Global Big Latch On locations to support breastfeeding.

We were lucky enough to attend a small local ‘Big latch On’ event in our community and gave a few lucky mums some gift vouchers to treat themselves to some new breastfeeding bras from Hotmilk Lingerie and Projectme.


Breastfeeding can be an enormous task that can be a challenge for so many women. In our latest Breastfeeding revolution campaign it was amazing to see our customers step forward and have confidence to breastfeed in public. The support that everyone showed towards these mothers was overwhelming and is something we think should be highlighted. Thanks to everyone who entered, you’re all wonderful!

Here’s to all the amazing mums and support people out there! Keep up the incredible work you do!

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