A true leader: awards night recognises Hotmilk's fabulous director!

We are extremely excited and empowered to recognise Hotmilk's director; Lisa Ebbing as a finalist in the Inspiring Women's leaders' category at the 2021 New Zealand International Business Awards. Further to this success, on the night of the awards, Lisa was acknowledged as one of 3 highly commended women from that category.

The NZIBA awards are held annually and recognise New Zealand's extraordinary exporters. Every day amazing businesses are stepping up to grow our economy for the good of New Zealand and the world and the NZIBA celebrates this success by acknowledging these businesses and their people, across all sectors.

Lisa believes business is all about empowerment and at Hotmilk this is incredibly important as a business run almost entirely by women.

"Diversity to us plays a huge part more so in body positivity, accepting the human form in all its shapes and sizes, that plays a huge part in our work. We encourage and celebrate all our differences as women and that creates a bond in our team. We do have to be strong, assertive, but supportive women. Autonomy and not micro-managing goes a long way for people to feel ownership over what they do and to feel empowered and appreciated."

This type of leadership is supported by Lisa’s realist view on family first. Lisa is 100% supportive of every team member's family responsibilities and this has led to incredible staff retention over the last 16 years of Hotmilk.

"I believe in family first. I encourage an environment where people can be the best version of themselves, without sacrificing family. It is a bit of work hard, play hard routine to be able to juggle it all"

We’d like to congratulate all the women that entered the awards. There are so many inspiring women in our world and it's incredible to see and hear the stories of so many making a positive change to think bigger, think global and be passionate about conquering the world.

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