20 top breastfeeding tips from our followers!

We asked our mums to let us know all their tips and tricks to make their breastfeeding journey that little bit easier. The top 20 tips are featured below! We'd love to know more, so feel free to leave your comments!

Have a basket on your bedside table with everything you’ll need for night feeds: water, snacks, breast pads, face washers (yay for reflux babies) etc makes life heaps easier than having to get up and find things.

Learn to breastfeed whilst lying down. It took me a while but when I got comfortable doing this it made night feeds so much easier.

Know where to go for support! Australian Breastfeeding Association, breastfeeding support groups, lactation consultants. Education and support is key.

Be kind to yourself! Listen to all advice and use what works for you.

Learn how to use the side lying breastfeeding position! Super helpful when you’re exhausted and need to rest and recover, especially in those early non-stop feeding days.

Drink plenty of water!
Dont wash your breasts with soap, keep them el natural. High calorie is this breastfeeding so snack and keep your energy up.

When braving to feed in public, remind yourself it's your legal right to breastfeed your child when/where needed. Don't be afraid to speak up if someone confronts you.

Herbal milk encouragement tea, especially in those first few months!!

Purchase reusable breast pads instead of disposable breast pads. This will save you money and reduce waste so better for the environment.

The best advice I received from a midwife in the early days when my baby wasn’t latching was “take a deep breath, drop your shoulders and breathe.” From that moment on, no issues at all.

Always have a water bottle near by; you get so thirsty while breastfeeding. Listen to your body and don’t beat yourself up if its not working for you and your baby. Most important is a happy Mum and happy Baby above all else.

Feeding in a warm bath.. so relaxing for mum and bubs.

For the older bubs whose attention drifts during a feed, a soft toy for their free hand - stops their little talons from getting you and I’ve found it also keeps her focused on feeding!

Some positions and products just don't work as well for larger beasts, and that's ok! If you are larger-busted, own it and work it! From different holds, to right-sized nursing bras, to breastfeeding pillows and props ... ensure your gear and is appropriate for your size and breast shape. It'll make all the difference in your comfort and confidence.

Enjoy your time breastfeeding and be present in the moment with your little one! Sing to them, read stories, tell them how much you love them and the dreams and hopes you have for them. It’s such a special time to connect together and it won’t be forever! I want my little boy to treasure that time together.

Watch their little hands. If they have a closed tight fist they are hungry and then they relax and have an open hand they are full. Works every time

My top tips, ask for help ABA, local Lactation Consultants, MHW etc. Always go bathroom firstly before you sit down to feed. Always have food and water near by when you are feeding. Always look after your nipples and breasts to avoid cracked nipples and mastitis. Always make sure your breasts are fully drained from milk after feeds. Breastfeeding should never hurt, if it does something must be wrong it can be anything from a bad latch, to a severely damaged nipple, to a tounge tie etc. get comfortable and relax when you feed. Learn to do lay down feeds they are useful as well as other positions keep mixing it up. Learn to be comfortable to feed anyway it makes life easier and covers just make life more complicated forget them. Learning to feed in a carrier can be a lifesaver and it’s good to give you free hands so you can get that drink or food into you or do the food shopping etc with a happy baby. Lastly you feed till your ready to stop and your baby’s ready to stop not what others say you should do, it’s between you and your baby not everyone else. Extended breastfeeding has its benefits also.

When you bubba sprouts their first (razor sharp) teeth hold them close to you and make sure they latch quickly to avoid your nipple becoming the new chew toy

Vasospasms are awful, but no one really talks about them as a reason for pain while breastfeeding. Learn about it - what it feels like and how to tell if it’s happening to you. The solution to that excruciating pain can just be as simple as making sure you’re toasty warm! Wish I’d known that earlier. Would have saved the weeks of agony and stress of thinking my baby’s latch was the problem.

Buying @hotmilklingerie! Seriously..... as a bigger busted Mumma learning to breast feed and already feeling big and full before milk comes in, having proper, good supportive feeding bras was so important to helping my back health!!

You can read all the books and blogs in the world, but nothing prepares you for what it’s actually like. Trust your instincts. YOU know what is best for your baby. Also for exclusively BF moms - co sleep and nurse on demand. You will both get more sleep and it it’s great for your supply.

Do your own thing, don’t compare. Look at that little creation of yours and just be.

Practice feeding at home as if you were in public, so when you do go out you’ll have it locked down so you won’t be nervous about exposing the nip. Also if you have cracked nipples rub them with breast milk and dry in the sun.

Have yourself a “snack caddy” I have museli bars, drinks, some fruit, basically anything I could snack on while feeding. I also used to have a few wipes, nappies, burping cloths etc handy just in case I needed them. Very handy to have within reach.

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