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Over 18 years of expertise in Maternity and Nursing Bras, but what does this mean and why do we love what we do?

Quality Maternity and Nursing Lingerie - Dress to impress ….YOU!

Hotmilk Lingerie launched when our founder, Lisa, wasn't prepared to give up wearing beautiful lingerie just because she was about to become a mother. “When I was pregnant with my first child, I was horrified by what was available on the market. The nursing bras on offer were so drab, I used to think to myself I'm pregnant, not 80”. As a result, Lisa set about revolutionising the nursing lingerie landscape. Now, 18 years and three daughters later, Lisa remains at the helm of Hotmilk, leading the team with a singular focus: to empower women through womanhood by providing quality, beautiful maternity lingerie. Her personal experience as a mother and the challenges she faced during pregnancy have fueled the Hotmilk team's mission to create nursing lingerie that not only meets the practical needs of mothers but also celebrates the beauty and individuality of each woman's journey through motherhood.

What's the Best Bra to Wear during Pregnancy or Breastfeeding?

Definitely the question we get asked the most, and why we do what we do. Uncomfortable bras in boring colours, nana knickers, and oversized T-shirts worn as nightgowns and hiked up for breastfeeding is not the way to celebrate your new body. Feeling good about yourself is integral during Pregnancy and postpartum. You are the most important person in your baby's world right now, so it's important you feel that way too. Beautiful colours and fabrics lift the soul, we invest time and thought into this part of the design process because practicality should be beautiful too. Hotmilk Lingerie Wirefree and Flexiwire Nursing bra options provide support and comfort at every level, full cup or plunge cups to suit your individual style with 6 eye and hooks for flexibility for every mother. Celebrating your new body with a few key pieces of postpartum wear in the early days will help you feel supported and comfortable allowing you to embrace the journey of motherhood with pride. Beautiful, sexy, or powerful high-quality lingerie is about you and you only, how it makes you feel and elevates the mother in you. 

The Leading Brand in Maternity Bras - We Get You!

At Hotmilk, we truly understand the journey of motherhood because we live it every day. With 18 years of collective experience, our team of working mums collaborate every day to create the perfect range of maternity lingerie. And it's not just about design – we're proud to be the ones wearing it too!
Take a look around our office, and you'll see a small dedicated team of working mums, managing a total of 27 children (including triplets), with another little one on the way this month. Our diverse experiences include IVF journeys, miscarriages, planned and surprise pregnancies, easy ones, and those that posed a few extra challenges.

Our delivery experiences have ranged from beautifully calm homebirths to emergency caesareans, early babies that need a little extra medical care to those ready to head home within hours. Through our combined experiences we deeply empathize with the beauty, exhaustion, and rewards that define the recovery and early days of motherhood. For some of the team, they seemed to “bounce back”, others have embraced a softer slower journey to recovery, but for all our bodies have changed in some way forever.

Some of the Hotmilk Lingerie Team, featured on the Beach at Mount Maunganui New Zealand

The Hotmilk team's philosophy centers around the belief that beauty is found in the strength of changing bodies, recognising the journey to loving one's new body is unique for every mother. As a community of mothers who've been through it all, this shared journey impacts every design decision we make, ensuring that Hotmilk's Maternity Lingerie understands and celebrates the unique experiences of every mother. Because we're not just creating lingerie – we're proud to be the ones wearing it too!

The Technical Expertise in Nursing Bra Design

Our dedicated multi award winning design team is led by both Wendy, Head of Technical Design and Tessa, Creative Director, bringing a wealth of knowledge curated from years of experience in the Industry. Wendy Fellows, technical expertise in lingerie support and design comes from her years with Bendon, Berlei and tutoring at the polytech before choosing to specialise in the complexities of maternity lingerie with Hotmilk Lingerie. Tessa Dawson brings her creative flare to Hotmilk Lingerie after working with brands such as Jockey, Bonds and Lonely.
Together, Wendy and Tessa's combined expertise not only covers the technical aspects of lingerie design but also brings a creative and personal touch, especially in the niche of Maternity Lingerie. Wendy and Tessa’s experience with renowned brands and their shared experience as mothers uniquely positions them to design for the specific needs and challenges through motherhood.

Sustainable Nursing Bras - The Eco Factor

Our commitment to the environment stems from a shared understanding of the world we want to leave for our children. We're not a faceless business; we're mothers, juggling the demands of work and family, just like you. We get the sleepless nights, the challenges, the joys, and the overwhelming love that comes with motherhood. When we design we do so to minimise our impact on the environment. Careful consideration is given high quality fibers ensuring the durability and longevity of our garments. Multi-fit garments, it's not just about convenience; it's about understanding the changes your body goes through during and after pregnancy. They are designed to grow with you during pregnancy and stretch between sizes so you don’t need dozens of different bras. A beautiful example of this is our bras that feature bands with 6 hook and eyes, so your bra can be easily adjusted as you adjust to your new changes, too.Our focus goes beyond designing beautiful lingerie - we aim to enhance your motherhood experience while prioritising the health of you, your little one, and the environment. Every Hotmilk garment is ethically sourced and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the fabrics and hardware are safe and free from harmful chemicals. In our commitment to sustainability, we strive to be as ethical as possible in sourcing fabrics. We often use stock fabrics and trims, repurposing leftovers or waste from larger company orders. This not only adds a unique touch to our designs but also contributes to diverting fabric from landfills, aligning with our dedication to minimizing environmental impact. At Hotmilk, our team's commitment to the environment isn't just in our nursing bra and lingerie designs; it's woven into our daily office life. We walk or carpool to work, compost kitchen waste to feed our designer's chickens, choose eco-friendly cleaning products, and minimize printing. Small choices, big impact – because empowering mothers goes hand in hand with caring for the planet we share. Read more HERE about our ongoing environmental commitment

The Experts in Maternity and Nursing Bras Worldwide

Over 18 years of expertise and revolutionary design, we are proud to be the most trusted Maternity Lingerie brand . Over 18 years of expertise and revolutionary design, we are proud to have earned the unwavering trust as the premier maternity lingerie brand.

Hotmilk Lingerie, first choice in maternity lingerie worldwide

Over 200,000 mothers worldwide shop with us online, and 100's of thousands more mothers chose Hotmilk Lingerie in store at over 250 boutique Lingerie StoresVictoria's Secret, David Jones, Marks and Spencer and Thomas Brown.

Multi Award winning and regularly featured in the Best Nursing Bra's reviews such as The New York Times is testament to the hard work and philosophy of the Hotmilk Team. 

Looking Forward

As our team continues to grow with each new baby, our shared experiences as mothers fuel our commitment to creating lingerie that goes beyond functionality – it's about enhancing and changing the way you experience motherhood. We understand the nuances, challenges, and joys of being a mother, and that understanding is woven into every aspect of our lingerie. We're here to support you, celebrate you, and empower you through every step of your unique motherhood journey. Hotmilk Lingerie is designed by mothers, for mothers, we understand your journey because we're walking it too.

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