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Nursing Bras & Maternity Bras

Hotmilk maternity and nursing bras are designed by a team of experts who focus on ensuring the best fit, support and functionality for their bras, but at the same time, they never forget to ensure every bra is is striking, feminine and aspirational!

More about Hotmilk nursing and maternity bras

Hotmilk nursing bras are not only stylish – but are both functional and comfortable!

Our bras come with one handed maternity clips allowing for ease of breastfeeding, 100% cotton lining (allowing the bra that contacts your body to be comfortable and great against sensitive skin), and great support. Seam friendly cups offer the ultimate in comfort and support, but without any compromise on sophistication or style.

Breastfeeding bras have 6 hooks at the back allowing you to extend the bra out with your pregnancy and clip back closer after you have given birth. Hotmilk follows global recommendations that a nursing bra should not have hard metal wires, we either use no wires at all, or flexi-wires allowing the bra to move with your body.

Why a nursing or maternity bra?

Nursing bras offer added features. They have the added feature of a clip, which some maternity bras may not have. This allows for easy fuss free feeding of your infant. There is no reason why you can’t wear a nursing bra during your pregnancy and you may find that after giving birth this nursing Bra may fit you well to breastfeed in.

Why Hotmilk Flexi-wire?

Introducing flexi-wire support you can enjoy even during breastfeeding! Wearing a correctly fitted Hotmilk bra with flexi-wire offers the ultimate in comfort and support. Click through to learn more about Hotmilk’s flexi-wire technology and why it’s a great option for nursing.


What is my size?

Finding the right fit can be difficult, especially when your body is changing throughout pregnancy. You may need to change your bra size 3 - 4 times as your breasts grow, and milk flow increases. Click through to find your perfect fit with our Fit Quiz and Bra Fitting Guides.

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Why do I need a breastfeeding bra?

Traditional bras do not offer the same support, comfort or features that a breastfeeding bra provides such as drop-down clips and hook and eye extensions. Keep reading to find out why you should make the switch from your traditional bra to a breastfeeding bra.

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What features does Hotmilk offer?

Hotmilk’s nursing bras are designed with you in mind. Enjoy all the features which make a nursing bra easy and discrete while feeling glamorous, comfortable, and feminine. Click through to find out more about what sets Hotmilk apart from your standard bra.

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When should you buy your bra?

Unsure of when you should swap out your standard bra for a nursing bra? No two pregnancies are the same, so this will depend on a number of factors including how quickly your body grows and develops. Keep reading to find out when you should replace your standard bra.

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How do I fit my new Hotmilk bra?

Once you have found your perfect size, there are a few extra steps involved that will ensure you are comfortable and supported with the right fit. Click through to learn how to fit your Hotmilk bra.

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Have more questions?

Do you have more questions about pregnancy, nursing, or Hotmilk’s range of nursing and maternity bras? Keep reading for answers to all of your other pressing questions including when to start wearing one, side sling versus a-frame, how many nursing bras you will need, and more.


Finding the right bra fit

As with all bras, finding the right fit can be a challenge. It is the same process as with standard bras, the band under your bust should sit flat across your back not riding upwards. Avoiding any cutting in on your breast tissue is important. Bras which are too tight can restrict the flow and amount of milk produced – so it is important to change to to a Maternity/Nursing bra after you feel like your non-maternity bras are uncomfortable and no longer fitting or offering the right support.

You may find your cup sizes change as your pregnancy progresses, every pregnancy and woman is different, however you may find you need to go up 3-4 cup sizes and increase your band size as your baby grows. Further changes can occur during the nursing cycle, when your milk flow comes in you may increase in the cup size before your bust size settles again.